Wayne Myers - Music

I'm a singer / songwriter / bassist / pianist / guitarist, in no particular order. Been playing piano since I was five, guitar and bass since I was twelve. I was lucky enough to have been in a gigging covers band at the age of thirteen, and have been playing in one band or another ever since, mostly as bassist.

I'm currently playing with the following projects:

There've been all kinds of other things that I've been involved with in the past decade or so, including playing with Shinri and the Mediator and Andrew Petersen's My Scarlet Darling project.

Also I used to have a band called Fast Freddie Fourier And The Transforms, under which name I made a CD in 2002 called 'Bush Of Thorns'. There's still a couple left on CDBaby if you are really keen.

There's other stuff too but I forget.

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